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[jewelry enchant 2x12%] --1500 gold back per % [promotional]

Author[jewelry enchant 2x12%] --1500 gold back per % [promotional]
This is a promotional offer in doing jewelry enchanting. :D

I am matching the offer from Yur4uk until I reach 2x14% enchant level, i.e., for now each percent you do, you get 1500 gold back.

In other words, it is almost free for you to do fire damage enchanting (fire crystal + abrasive = 2% ~ 3000 gold)!!!!

Hurry!! The gold back offer will go back to my normal amount (750 per %) once I reach 2x14% level. :)
almost free fire 12% damage enchanting
Excellent work! I am a satisfied customer xD
45 points to go. :)
33 points to go :)
13 points to go :)
wow, so fast!
3 points to go! :)
If you make arrangements about your enchant with me before I get there, I am going to honor it. Otherwise the promotional offer will be ended!!! Act quickly! :D
Well, I have reached 2x14% and a few more enchant jobs in line, which means the promotional offer comes to its end!
Thanks to Jabbar, limustudotcom and Halfrinia for using the service. :D
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