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using inventory

Authorusing inventory
I have some items in inventory. But unable to use them. Can anyone help. Those can be used for my level. Thanks in advance
are their durabilities 0/X?
maybe you already have an item of that type equipped
you have equipped a hunter broadsword but you cant equip another artifact on to your right hand
yes there durability is 0/X
I dont have any other item in use. actually I am not able to use any item
saw durability is 0
you cant us them

accidentally press cntl+enter
when an item's durability reach 0, you can no longer use them, you can either sell it, then buy a new one, or send it to a smith to repair your art, its recommended to sell them and buy a new one for ordinary arts
Thanks Straws. But why/how does the durability reduce?
each battle dur reduces by 1
Thanks Shimiy
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