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Buying your own item back

AuthorBuying your own item back
Hi all,

Was meaning to ask this in a thread I posted earlier, but it was closed, since the Qs I asked had already been answered. - https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1854383

In reply #2 (5), hiddenshadow said if you buy back your own item (probably coz u made a mistake or decides not to sell), you'll lose the gold. But shouldn't I get the gold back since I'm the SELLER as well? I did sell the item (eventhought it is to myself)? No?

Thanks in advance. :)
u loose 1 % of the gold
This si because once you put the lot, your proprety's beocmes property of market and you only get for selling. That why you are charged 1% of the gold
Ahh.. ok, so I lose the commission, not all the gold I used to buy back an item. Got it. Thanks both for the reply. :)

Thread closed.
closed by Lord Jedi-Knight (2009-05-09 17:44:00)
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