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Hunt assistance

AuthorHunt assistance
Hi all,

A friend just asked me to help in a hunt. She clicked on the drop down list and selected my name.

I went to Battles, and saw my name already in her hunt, but it was in Grey, while I noticed the rest of the assisted hunts, both the names are in red.

I see nothing I can click to accept my fren's invite for assistance. When the hunt started, I was not in it, but someone else was !

What did me and my friend went/did wrong?

Thanks in advance. :)
The reasons :

1.You may not be in her location.
2.You may not have 100% full health.
3.Maybe no troops.
4.And perhaps not AP requirement.

Your nick in grey means that the hunter asked for your help, you and you only (it's in grey as long as you didn't join).

During the last minute, if you still didn't join, then, any hunter may assist too.

For the why you couldn't join, well, I got nothing more to say than what sry said.
Alright then,. I got it.

Found out she thought I was in Capital when I was in fact in Blooming. :p

But if we were in the same location, and she specify me to assist, then I don't have to do anything, right? I'll be automatically be in?
no a join button is next to ur name and u click it
Ok, got it. Thanks TP :)
closed by Lady sry (2009-05-11 19:43:50)
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