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+1 min. and max damage

Author+1 min. and max damage
How can i increase min. and max. damage +1, except of battle fury. I see barbarians who have battle fury talent, but also have an additional +1 min. and max. damage. How?

All full hunter sets give +1 to min and max damage when equipped.
don't forget the spell 'bless'.

It is increasing the min damage and can exceed 1 damage if your units have a very large damage range.
For example crossbowmen:

they have a damage range from 2-8. With a bless spell the damage would change to

min+T*(max-min), while T depends on the Holy magic talent level. (see about the game / spells)

=> 2+50%(8-2) = 5

So the new damage range would be 5-8 :).
thanks for the advice, but i can't use bless. I am barbarian.
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