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AFK on purpose

AuthorAFK on purpose
KwisatzHaderach - https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4503005


KwisatzHaderach set up a 3-3 group battle with description "full arts". Being the only one to join, it ended as a duel. During set-up KwisatzHaderach told me he would not play as I had Cerberi and he didn't - a condition not even written in battle description!

During the whole five turns where he left timer reach zero, he discussed using the battle chat, so he was clearly AFK on purpose. I threatened him with possible sanctions through Complaints and Applications for not playing the battle, and he replied that would be "np" (no problem) for him.

All is in battle chat.
I should add that KwisatzHaderach deliberately split his highest initiative units (Hell Horses) in many stacks as a means to limit the number of turns I could eventually be able to play.

The odd set-up can be seen from the complete "battle".

He had the deliberate intention of going AFK.
It isn't a rule break.
It isn't a rule break.

It is. Being AFK due to a technical problem is not a violation, but here we are speaking of a deliberate loss:

Staged combats, paid-for combats, deliberate loses, bad sportsmanship, giveaway combats.

May be punished accordingly to #373 LWM - Keepers. Violations in tavern and battles clan page:

And quoting game rules:

3.16. Staged combats leading one of the parties to losing a priori will be punished for. A staged combat by definition is one where any one of the parties or party members intentionally loses to the other for any reason different from having technical problems with access to the game. Instigation to losing a combat is also forbidden.

Once again, there is nothing technical in KwisatzHaderach being AFK.
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