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staged combat

Authorstaged combat

This is my first time in the forums so I am not aware whether this qualifies as a staged battle. It is obvious that a level 5 character has deliberately lost to a level 2 character. I have not found financial motivations, but they are probably friends.

If this is indeed against the rules, I hope that the admin can refrain from punishment this time, instead explaining what they have done wrong. They appear to only speak Spanish and no English, so I was unable to do it myself.

Thank you.
Preplanned fight, surly they are friends :)
[Player banned by moderator Kotrin until 2009-05-20 21:03:14 // No comments in Complaints and Applications threads.]
[Player banned by moderator Kotrin until 2009-05-20 21:02:52 // No comments in Complaints and Application threads.]
closed by Lord Kotrin (2009-05-20 01:03:18)
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