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whats with my damage always being crazy low? i know my luck is bad but i thought every now and then i'd do the minimum damage, but 90% of the time i seem to be hitting for below the minimum possible damage. stack of 10 archers doing 2-4 damage and i was hitting for 17-19 CONSTANTLY, i mean like, in an entire fight, it was 17-19 on 3 defense monsters except ONE shot that did 41 (wasnt crit), and this happens in almost all fights. so can i just be crowned unluckiest player in history or is there something im missing?

other example was my 21 zombies with rage bonus from 5 dead stacks VS 20 zombies with only 1 rage bonus. they WON with 7 zombies left. crown me, now.
Well if it makes u feel better i got wasted by a elf and i was lvl 2 and i attacked first with my riders that can attack twiced and i lost while he still had 9 forest keepers so if u really think u have bad luck think again and i didnt have bad luck
>>If "Attack" (A) of the attacking stack is bigger than "Defence" (D) of the defending stack, then
Damage = N * RND(min, max) * [1 + 0,05 (A-D) ] * [1 - 3*Y/100]

>>If (A) is smaller than (D), then
Damage = N * RND(min, max) * [1 - 3*Y/100] / [1 + 0,05*(D-A)]

# N - number of creatures in the attacking stack;
# RND(min, max) - random integer from the "Damage" parameter delta;
# Y - The level that the character in command of the defending stack has reached in faction skill of the attacking character's faction.

You are doing low damage because most ranged units have an effective range of 6 spaces. Outside this range, they will do 1/2 damage.

When your bowmen are active, the attack cursor will either be a bow (in range) or a broken bow (out of range).

Good luck to you!
They did have more Attack than enemy had Defense. What if their 1 space away? still did horrible damage. Aror how many riders did you have ? and how many enemies did he have left? because it doesnt get any unluckier than having more units and stronger units and being totally wiped out in flat out fight.
You are also carrying a Light Axe. Though it gives u +2 attk, it also gives u MINUS 1 defense, and that may also be partially be responsible for u taking more damage than u should.

And since your defense is low already, I would suggest you either buy another armor to counter the -1 def, or just switch to a Hunter Broadsword, till u get to lvl 3.
It will be a nice feature to see min and max damage if point the mouse on a monster, don't you think?
for Cipa:

If u mean like this:

34-48 damage
Kills: 4
Retaliation: Yes

I agree with u ;)
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