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powerstealer and powerblaster-both multis in single battle

Authorpowerstealer and powerblaster-both multis in single battle
3.8. The fact of logging multiple characters in the game from one computer must be by all means shown in the "character information" of all those characters with explanation of reason (relatives, friends, playing from a computer club etc).
3.8.1. Participation of several characters played from one computer in one combat is prohibited.


these accounts name is much similar and suspected to be multi and they also have joined one battle moreover they had admitted that they are multi.


Luckily they were both in one side and gone afk but they could also have been in different side and made other player lose.Strict action should be taken against them.
This forum is not for complaints on violations of multichar management rules, even if they include staged combat.

Kindly report those in "Finance and others" section of CaA.
closed by Shebali (2009-05-22 14:00:00)
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