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need tips


Authorneed tips
nope, it's like garnish - intended to dress up/beautify/flavour the dish, not overwhelm it
for Head-Shot:
I suggest you use idioms sparring, lest you come across as eccentric. Over-usage of idioms is jarring and doesn't help sentence flow.

You're better off using basic colloquial phrase sprinkled across your speech or none at all.
for Head-Shot:
first you must concentrate on the normal english know about all of it's phrases.
You are giving over importance to idioms but the same job could be done by correct use of phrases first learn to use phrases and then go for idioms and then for british english.

You couldn't go from ground floor to first floor of a building in one step you need to go step by step to achieve your goal.
Ok, what about proverbs?
@24: the same logic outlined in 21-23 applies for proverbs as well. too much of a good thing will be bad
Thanks, A quetion

Sam bought a bunches/a bunch of grapes from the store.

So, which will be the answer?
a bunch of grapes from the store.
"a bunch" is the answer

There is only one bunch not several. Its not relevant that it entails many grapes.

Its also "the army moves forward", though it entails many units.
Really? My teacher said, it's bunches. the question is from OTI 1(2nd exam of the year). So, this means i got 1 bonus mark? =D
Omg, the proficiency of our English teachers is worse than I thought. -_-"
-.-" at least i got my marks.

Another question, is it true, food cannot be put the "S"? like foods?
BTW, what can we put innfront if we want to say a singel letter, like

a/an/the "S"?
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