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Thief Ambusher gets ambushed?


AuthorThief Ambusher gets ambushed?
I've been ambushed and been lucky to be in a double ambushe at least 3 times already. None of these were planned, just luck.

It's great when a Thief on the road is routed. I don't see why any thief would be 'crying in their beer' ... they set out an ambush to trap other players to steal their gold and when the tables are turned, they cry foul. :p
There is nothing illegal in that and for sure it works fine for us.

Actually it is forbidden to enter the combat with two characters from the same computer, thief ambush on any side is not an exception. So that might be the thing that someone finds suspicious.
General game rules:
"3.8.1. Participation of several characters played from one computer in one combat is prohibited."

LOL! Omega22, have you ever tried to enter from the same PC in a combat with two chars? You must be jocking! Newsflash: we have 2 PC's here! And that is perfectly allowed from the game rules.

Please, don't preach me the game rules because I know them almost by heart. Maybe you should try what you accuse others before copying what is already written on this website already. You will find out to your surprise that the admins implemented that rule in the game: you are banned from the combat if you enter from the same PC in the same combat with somebody else.
I dont know/care, I have never tried to enter a combat with two characters but I was few times in game with different character using 2 browsers and I have encountered a player who was playing 2-3 accounts on one battlefield so I believed it is possible...anyway, about the rules breaking I dont care, after 7th page of my suspicious transfers topic, I dont care. It is generally a good idea to travel in "caravans".
You may not care in words, but I can see you do throw with mud where it's not the case. We are two different persons (me and my gf) and we are playing from two different computers. That you could notice very easily if you look at my money and her money. She is doing a lot of marketing, I have better combat experience. Whenever she is doing marketing, I go with her. Also, you can ask Haran who met her personally (and he is my friend in my real life). Ask Acolyte because my gf is able to understand his native language when I know only to say "coffee with milk" in that language. Ask further everyone who knows her and me.

So, please, before writing something which would raise suspicions about somebody, just think that maybe that somebody is not as you think. Thanks!
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