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Concept of Weeks


AuthorConcept of Weeks
=week of the lucky reading - odmen go to the IaS forum and pick up a random topic. (who knows... they might even pick this one xD)
@Georgia =}

=week of clever comments - players with witty comments gain better business :p

Nice idea +1
its great idea, but it would be much work for admins to control it on both servers imo... but only of such a good ideas we can improve the game that I (We) love
i am in for it! marvelous idea!
great idea :)
nice idea
but it will need to be more challenging in hunt like increased amt of creatures or increased in difficulty so this game will be balanced
great idea :)
awesome idea^^
Great idea! Love it :D
i especialy love this week in HOMM5
Week of Plague
Creatures in all dwellings die. No growth for all
I couldn't agree more. I love this idea. I hope that someday it will be implemented!
5% gated troops is rly rly low .....

i mean look at knight on lvl7 and compare units

44 spawns vs 50 archers
30 wolfs vs 51 swords
and 15 succubi vs 13 griffins ( if im not wrong )
* i didnt count demons and recruits *

we all know Demons can gate, but gating isn't instant , so if we gate we lose turn while 50 bowmen kill 44 spawns, now griffins are escorted by Hero and they easly kill 30 wolfs & then ... 15 succubi and some spawned units are left to die....

now tell me how would your 5% more gated units help ??? i understand 10% but 5% ... NO , sry but NO 5% gated units !
you can go to http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes5/toe_moon_weeks.shtml to check all weeks from HoMM
@Nebiros92: i gave 5% just as an example, experienced demons can settle on a better number.

but you should realise that the bonus is only against neutrals, so your argument about knight and escort is kinda off...

i selected 5% because it is 1 _whole_ % more than the racial bonus. so imagine going into battle with +1 added racial bonus.
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