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so they shoude change the way monsters deside what to go for


Authorso they shoude change the way monsters deside what to go for
its kinda anoring that as DE assisting in hunts and getting assist is a pain... cuz the way it are the monsters will always go for the units with most int.. as far i see.. so that meens 80% of the hunts you assist or getting assistet you will die right away unless you sacrafice your screws(or dont use em) so any idees?
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yawn, what about knight? hutn creature always go xbow...

wow? xbow has 16 ini like shrew? :D
But they go after the *strongest* unit.In fact you think that monsters should attack my slow immortal guardians than your fast and vulnerable?
fast and vulnerable shrews*
for Pang: Not always to bow, sometimes at Griffins .. I often happend to my RandhyDBest char .. :)

They come always to the Vulnerable units first .. the strongest I think

Barbs : Wolf Raiders and Orcs
Knights : griffins or X-bow
Wizards : Magis or golems
Elves : Elvens and Sprites
DE : Shrews and Lizards or Dark Witches
Demons : Wolfhounds or Succubis
Necros : vamps and Skelies bow

all tier 2 - 4 .. :)

Plzz correct me If I am wrong .. :)
Change faction if you are so fussy about what AI attacks.
wait wait WAIT... are you actually saying Dark Elves need to be MORE effective in Hunts? I've already seen a few dozen shrews kill LITERALLY tens of thousands of peasants, if anything, the '+1 speed bonus per 5 rounds for neutral monsters' isnt enough to balance them as it is, they can still kite almost anything =/
yea every faction as their ups and downs. if you get rid of all the bad then you have an amazing unbeatable faction.

can you give barbs magic from the start. and make orges A LOT faster. please and thank you.
it may be frustrating but guessing what the AI will attack makes the game FUN
and please "doomweed"... use your spell checker! doh!
All I wanna say if a DE is coming to the forums to 'complain' (sorry, can't think of a better word), and given the fact that most high level players are DEs or changed to Des (they ARE DEs for a reason), then there is little hope for the rest of us.. :)
i hunt often together with DE, if i have croosbowmen n full number (137)...all stacks go to cross ( 5 stacks..usually..4 to x-bowmen, and 1 stack to shrews), but when i have only 48...all stacks have for target shrews.
for MangaBlanco: Coz in ur case, that those shrews (with 137 cross) are not as dangerous as the x-bowmen .. :) the AI should know it .. or we can call it .. "stupid" AI .. :)

yeah, try to put xbow at 1st lane of tiles while griffin just beside it when you are killing roc. ofc, both stacks must be able to reach for roc in 1st move.

let's see whether the roc go for xbow or griffin
lol, being a target comes with the package of having good creature :p
i kinda always lost my succubi first vs ranged units , but yesterday i fought 300+ bowmen & they shoot @ my spawns first :S it seemed so strange .....

maybe there was something changed .... dunno :S
yeah and talk about necros getting some little hunting and skill points cos we are too slow in attacking, so I guess it's pretty normally to go for shrews or Xbow 1st.
for Nebiros92: Ur spawns always targeted first .. u must have usualluy played with imps .. they are not targeted first .. :) but spawns YES ... ^^
i think usually they target your unit with the worst hp-defense-stats compared to its attack/dmg/abilities
shooter ability is worth a lot
so if they can target shooter they target shooter (usually); note that shrews/rogues are nearly shooter (i would even count shrews better than shooter: they deal melee damage (attack talent), you get really loads of them, no range penalty, good damage, highest ini!!! (together with hellhorses) and they have 8 movement points. So no point in complaining ever about the enemy going for them first. Just keep them save)
also they go for:
a) how much they lose themselves (it's weird that 3 peasants won't attack your 50 elite forest keeper but the single one you separated if possible); note that this is the last thing they go for (after the decision which unit they attack)
b) if they can attack they will attack (even if it's just luring them away from your shooter)
c) they don't waste too much firepower. If they are for example Druids and may deal 200 damage with lightning then they won't attack your 3 remaining bowmen (since they might only kill 30hp effectively) but your 50 efk. So if you split up your bowmen to make the enemies' Mages lose as much mana as possible until they defeated all of your bowmen be careful
d) another few things i already forgot

so if you have only imps and use vitality talent the enemy will go (nearly for sure) for your wolves first. On the other hand if you have spawns and battle fury they will prefer killing spawns

and if DE are annoyed by getting all the enemie's attention due to their good units - try getting an elf as a partner, afaik elven bowmen are the units who attract most of the enemies
If the AI were smart, then will not always target the Shrews, or X-bow first .. will be more variative .. :)
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