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Battle Profanity and Obscenities

AuthorBattle Profanity and Obscenities
Complaint on insults in battle:
1. Link to combat or card game -

2. Nickname of offender -

3. of lines which contain insults -
Approximately 4-7 lines of profanity and/or explicit language in the final 50 lines of text.

4. Complaints on insults in battles and tavern are accepted ONLY from victim and participants of that card game/combat -
I am the victim. I was offended. The majority of the room spoke out against the behavior.

*Please don't ban me if I filled this out wrong. I really tried to do it as you instructed.
I accidentally posted this on my friends computer after I showed him what had happened and he explained how this process works. I am REALLY sorry!
closed by Lord Kotrin (2009-06-13 08:55:34)
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