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Leasing TGI

AuthorLeasing TGI
I will rent you my Thief Guild Invite (TGI) under the following terms. Write me a PM to get startet.

In addition there is absolutly NO GOLD implied in these terms. Keep the gold, you will need it for Arts.

- I send you TGI, you do 120 successful ambushes and send me the TGI back at Thief Guild Level 2
- The price for the rental service is the 2 Thief Artifacts you get on reaching TG Level 1 and TG Level 2
- You try to reach TG Level 2 within 2 weeks. You have a total maximum of 4 weeks to reach TG Level 2, otherwise you break rule 3.14, which typically means your Account gets blocked (irreversable) and Loss of my TGI.

- You must be Combat Level 6 at least (game rules)
- You plan with a full time Thief activity for about 2 weeks. And that means about 10-15 Thief Ambush per day.
- You need to show me a full art set and 50k Gold on your Account. That is because Arts will cost you about 100k to reach TG Level 2. (120 Points, With 30% loss ratio its 152 Battles. With 600 Gold in Arts per Battle its about 100k Gold)
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