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problem with AP

Authorproblem with AP
look guys when i just lvled to 5 all the problems got.
i used my money to buy lvl 4 monster and magic school
but now i got no money and why i need 5 AP for battle if i got no money and no items left, so what i lost the game or somthing? help me guys plz i can fight!!
i mean i cant fight*
no you didnt lose the game, this will happen often so you need to start learning how to get out of it now.

get the min amount of AP you can, maybe one nice item and a few very inexpensive ones and only do hunts. and in this time work constantly. if you have absolutely no gold and no arts. you can only work, work, work until you get out of it.

it happens a lot, don't worry you will make money back faster then you think.
Labourers' guild:42(+48)

That is the main culprit. Raise your labour guild.Work more,play with cheapest art combo and u shud be fine. :)
i reckon u get steel blade+defender shield, i think this is the lowest cost for the 5ap to fight.
for psychomaniac:

Every player who reached level 5 needs to wear a minimum of 5AP arts to fight.

The problem why u are having problem now is coz u hardly work since u joined the site (?!). For a level 5, you should at least be at level 1-2 of the Labor guild, that would have given you an additional about 20,000 gold now.

It's not like you don't know about work coz U ahve enrol for work before. So in order not to have gold problem again in future ----> WORK. :)

Besides, hunts (which you have been doing a lot of), work is the only other source of constant income in the game.

PS: You can enrol for work at any area of the map, at quite a few facilities, every 45-60 minutes.
Ty guys but i can only work now. i cant hunt and battle so only work well be great. tnx for tips :D
By the way light axe and defender shield are the cheapest min AP set for level 5. But I recommend replacing the light axe with steel blade if you aren't hurting for gold.
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