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TGI for rent =)

AuthorTGI for rent =)
=== Renting Thief invitation ===

Renting TGI rules :

1) If u reach TG2 in 2 week, i take 1 thief art of my choice
2) Every day after 14, thief pays me 2000 Gold
3) Returned thief art(s) must be full durability and not bought from the market
4) If TGI is not returned in 1 month, u must pay 400000 gold or u will get blocked

- You must be Combat Level 6 at least
- You plan with a full time Thief activity for about 2 weeks. And that means about 10-15 Thief Ambush per day at least.
- You need to show me a full art set.
- it would be great if you have 1 up tier.

If u are agreeable on the above rules, pls send me a mail (-:
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