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Uneven battles?

AuthorUneven battles?
I constantly see players starting up x-y to x-x battles where y is 1 or 2 higher than x (example 4-6 vs 4-4) with even numbers of players on each side.

I haven't seen the handicapped side win (yet) although it's possible I'm sure, but why do people want to play battles where they just annihilate the other side with almost no challenge to it. Am I missing something?
because some people wants exp and wants no challenge at all.
Cowards start battles like this because they hope ppl will overlook the fact that the battle is uneven :)
I don't join those. Sometimes the 1 vs 2 or 3 battles with 1 high level player against 2 or 3 lower level players is a lot of fun but I hate having the totally uneven battles where one side will just get crushed.
I saw one yesterday: a level 5 created it 5-7 vs 5-5 2vs2. And an actual honest level 5 came across and jumped in the 5-7 team to make it even.

So there are fair people out there.
But I saw yesterday someone who made a 2vs3 5-5 5-7 in his disadvantage :)) There're lots of kinds of people :D
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