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Free stuff?


AuthorFree stuff?
i live cause i want the arts! nah jks

i live for this game obviously... lol xD

i live for deaspratedesire ^.^

well for the fun of it ya?
I live to work; if u enjoy what u do, u never work a day in your life

lol, thats true...i'm live to try to get into the grad program that will let me enjoy doing what i want to do...and get paid tons for it
I live for your Shield and Sword!! My whole life in LordsWM is for 1 purpose, that is the 30% of your property!! I want them and I shall have them!!
i live for life o.O
I live to work; though sad as it may sound, i'm happy cos i've a great passion for it - if u enjoy what u do, u never work a day in your life

I like that, but it should be rephrased.

I live to:
get paid for doing what I love to do.
get paid for doing what I would do for free.
do what I love and get paid for it.
do what I love and the paycheck is just a bonus.
560 ppl online and i got bit over 4k and 2 abrasive to give away cmon pick it up!!
I live for the life god, or whoever game me. There is no purpose in life, you just try to make it enjoyable for yourself and everyone else..
It's times like these I feel that those claims of this server being full of multis is true.

But I'm pretty sure a good portion of those players online are afk or just plain don't read the forums.
course but i only need like 15 more ppl ... or 25 dependin on answers
i live to enjoy life :D

btw who got the arts? (just interested)
You smell DeasprateDesire (1), when you are about to pass by, you notice - he is guarding 4144 gold 2 Abrasive.

      Combat Over
Straws gains 1078 exp, 4144 gold
2 Abrasive and 0.5 skill points.

pantheon got shield since hes in lords of the hunt also

lords of the hunt got full durability shield + sword

lucid got 3k

masterti is getting a enchanted pendant ... im branding for fun lol

and dion got highest gold amount for his answer atm
haha nice work straws ;)
nice one straws. hehe.
I got 1 gold yepee, this reminds me of runescape party room haha
mentioning runescape.... i nearly regret giving u that gold nerdlinger ^.^
i find it surprising no one mentioned naruto. :)
ironicly thats directly related to my meaning

heres 3 hitns

Yura Takumi
I live for love!

Love for my family and friends

Life will be a bore without them
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