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An "excellent" example of unsporty behaviour

AuthorAn "excellent" example of unsporty behaviour

Here you have a battle which is a "great" example of totally unsporty bahaviour. (Which is here because I see no strict breach of any rule and just generally wanted to draw attention to some problems of this game that stem from players alone.)

I won't call names. It is obvious who is meant. And he did not only annoy his opponent, he annoyed every single other person in the game.

Unfortunately, as far as I see, there was no strict breach of any rule. Still, this game really suffers from AFKers and similar...Not only this case, also in many others. It is not fun to go to a Hunt to assist and the other player times out after quite long 12 minutes or so without doing anything, to cite a recent occurance... Ideas for solutions anyone? Persoally I'd like to "kick out of battle" button in battles - needs majority AND at least one other player from his own team to click on, then that hero is kicked out ("retreats" as if being inactive too long). That woul at least help in group battles...

What you see in that combat:
- not attacking at all, standing around
- going AFK again and again
- even admitting it! In a way that shows he thinks it is perfectly fine when everybody else waits for him
- outright lying in the end ("I do not have raise", then raise zombies)
If you're looking for a means to stop afking, then this most likely belongs in I&S forum. If so though, it's been said 1000 times over in forums and would therefore be closed and you banned.

If you really just want to bring people's attention to this player, and those like him, I'm sure we've all had battles with ppl who are ... let's call them ... unsocialable cleboots, who really ought to be taken to the Complaints forums and be given a ban-spanking.
For all reasons stated by Skunder, this thread is closed.

I won't call names.

But you do - by providing a battle link and asking for lynching of this guy.
closed by Lord Kotrin (2009-07-04 14:34:11)
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