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TGI rent to zolli (new terms)

AuthorTGI rent to zolli (new terms)
#330 Thief Syndicate rents out TGI to zolli on following terms:

- TGI should be returned in 2 weeks.
- zolli transfers both thief arts he gets for TG1 and TG2 to Syndicate.
- After day 14 zolli pays 2,500 gold per day until TGI is returned. Partial days count as whole days.

Any transfer of received TGI is forbidden. Any trading of thief arts is forbidden, otherwise it results in a payment of 50,000 gold to Syndicate.

TGI must be returned in one month, otherwise zolli has to pay #330 Thief Syndicate a 400,000 gold penalty or accepts to be blocked.

This contract (https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1859132) is considered void

The moment of the beginning of action of given contract is 07-09-09 18:49 (moment of transfer TGI to zolli)
i agree
07-11-09 20:29: Transferred 17000 Gold to zolli : Return according to new conditions of the contract

good luck again! :)
closed by Lord DeadDed (2009-07-12 00:30:06)
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