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Economic crisis reached Blooming Glade !

AuthorEconomic crisis reached Blooming Glade !
Everything is out of gold in Blooming Glade ! plz admins at least add some gold to mines of Blooming Glade :(

i went to Blooming Glade since sulfur dune was out of gold but when i reached Blooming Glade ...
everything in mining is in good supply at blooming glade, what're you talking about?
^ just buy something from the mines then enroll, common problem actually
Type : Gem mine
Location: Blooming Glade
Owner : Empire

Balance :

Type : Lab
Location: Blooming Glade
Owner : Empire

Balance :

Type : Farm
Location: Blooming Glade
Owner : Empire

Balance :

no gold at all :(
good news
i think its been like that for the past few days already ... or weeks
@hako : You are CL8 and still haven't learned the LVM economy.

either you move around and try to find a good place to work or just work cheap at GC, or you also put a hand to improve LWM economy by buying and selling resources.

in any case you have to move in between locations so that poor thieves can also find some victim.
for Hexagram:

poor thieves im a thieve myself :D actually i used to be a thieve.

i usually go to East Bay or Blooming Glade when i miss the lab in Yellow Lake . and from what i remember it is the first time that these is NO PLACE TO ENROLL in Blooming Glade :(
Buy resources and all will be good =) it is possible to be arranged easily and easy. There is no crisis =) and the next delivery of gold by administrators in game will not give anything good
Type : Ore pit
Location: Great Capital
Owner : Empire

Balance : 2,179,089
f.e., Hauberk works is good factory...)
for Eurena:
Balance : 92

it WAS a good factory :D
for 12
325k gold is enough for buying 1 hauberk...)))
Just buy 1, sell at lower price in market, high if possible. Walla, some profits are gained
for Eurena:
Well since im A BIT :D miser , i prefer not to buy any arts except arts of the cheap set (leather armor , def shield , light axe and bravery medal )
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