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TGI for Rent, Good offer.

AuthorTGI for Rent, Good offer.
I am currently renting a thief invitation to an interested party. (3 options) (PM if you want more information)

Option 1: Cost per day is 1250/day or if you are part of "The Kingdom" clan then the cost is only 1000 per day and you will send me your first thief art upon reaching thief guild level 1. Minimum prepay:15000.

Option 2: Cost is 3000/day or if you are part of "The Kingdom" clan then the cost is only 2500 and you can keep both of your arts. Minimum prepay is 30000.

Option 3: Cost is both of the thief arts and no gold. Also, if either of the arts is a thief amulet - then that is the only art you must give me - you can keep the other. But if no thief amulet then I keep both arts.

1. You must be level 6 or higher
2. You will send me the thief invitation you receive upon reaching thief guild level 2.
3. You will not rent or give the thief invitation to anyone else
4. You will accept a fine of 450,000 to be paid to QuadQ if you can not finish TG2 within 30 days (may also be blocked by administration)

I have really enjoyed the variety of battles that the thief guild has offered and that is why I am offering the rent at a lower rate. The initiative bonus has been nice too....:)

If you are interested please PM me
i want
07-22-09 16:43: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to nffckid . Transaction price: 1 Gold
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