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• Choose for how many days you want to rent BEFORE I give you the TGI, max of 30 days.

• option 1 u rent my tgi it only cost u the two teif arts no gold

•option 2 40k gold in advance no arts to rent

• You must have GOOD artifacts or enough gold to buy/rent them so I can be certain you will finish in time.

• Thief invite MUST be returned when you get to TG2; failing to do so within the max of 30 days, you accept to be blocked or pay 400k gold.

pm me for negotiation for alvternate plan or post
i accept option 1
declined reason i do not feel safe by what your arts are and your amount of gold uhave is not good
i feel my tgi is at too much risk
you will get it banned i promise
you will get it banned

...for denying to lease a tgi?
but i am not going to lease him tgi for too much of risk of loseing it
sorry, i didn't write that my small brother does this when i am away
its ok maybe if u get better artsand more it will help have a better chance later
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