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TGI for rent

AuthorTGI for rent
I have TGI for rent:
- You decide for how many weeks you want to rent it. Each week costs 21k gold (or equivalent in elements) or one random thief art from the guild reward.
- You return the invitation when you reach TG level 2.
- If you pay with thief arts, you get a 5000 gold bonus if your artifact is a dagger and 15K if it is a ring or amulet.
- If you finish faster than the time agreed, you get 3000 gold for every unused day.
i want a TGI but i cannot pay gold to u.its too high.but i can give u 1 theif art that i will get and return u TGI.just tell me will i give u art every week?please reply i want to b a part of theif's guild.
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