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Suggestions for those considering donating for Diamonds

AuthorSuggestions for those considering donating for Diamonds
Hi Everyone,

Something I have been wondering about recently is the best way to use Diamonds gained through donating.

Converting directly to gold seems less efficient than I had hoped, and I have already bought a TGI with in-game gold which is probably the most efficient way of using Diamonds (TGI = approximately 3500000 Gold, 80 Diamonds converted = 200000 Gold).

This made me wonder if the Castle Upgrades were good value for money, especially when you take into account the bonus of getting the construction earlier than usual.

I have made the following assumptions - Wood = 183 Gold each, Ore = 184 Gold each, other elements = 369 Gold each.

Since I'm currently a DE I'll make a comparison for the DE buildings. If others could do the same for other Faction castle upgrades so we can all see where Diamonds may expended to best effect.

Military Academy (Poisoners) costs 25390 Gold or 10 Diamonds = 25000 Gold
Underground Depot (warehouse) costs 31020 Gold or 10 Diamonds = 25000 Gold
Blood Memorial (Shrews) costs 72080 Gold or 25 Diamonds = 62500 Gold
Maze (Minotaur Soldiers) costs 66850 Gold or 25 Diamonds = 62500 Gold
Enclosed Pasture (Lizard Assailants) costs 85810 Gold or 35 Diamonds = 87500 Gold

Well, it's interesting that not all upgrades are better than a straight conversion into gold. Although getting Lizard Assailants one level early may be worth a loss of 1690 Gold relative value. It takes a good long while to get from Combat Level 11 to Combat Level 12.

By far the best is buying Shrews with Diamonds. Not only do you get Shrews 2 levels early, you also get 9580 gold extra value from your Diamond purchase.

I'm hoping that other factions may also have some good value upgrades for those considering donating for Diamonds. Feel free to post everyone.

Have Fun

in my opinion:
Creature upgrade earlier give you a big advantage over the other same lvl players, it should be your first choice, so:

Castle Upgrades >> TGI >> gold
More diamond buyers may get Empire's attention :P
Support the game if you are able =)
I agree with Grunge and I confirm for Elf faction that buying with diamonds is cheaper than buying with in-game gold. I suppose that was the admins intention from the beginning to attract donations for supporting this game.

I think TGI is better. It's a constant stream of income, or you can sell for 100k more than just converting diamonds into gold.
i choose upg 1st :)

But you can buy TGI with gold if you are rich. upgrade = unable for gold :)
I think it deepends if you can use the castle upgrade. If you wont use the units than the diamons should go into a TGI.
TGI is best, rent the one at level 2 and sell the one at level 4, renting will still give you good gold and selling the one later will give you a big number of cash for arts if needed, or rent both
^^ You need more arts/gold to fight TG and get another TGI, with diamond upgrade it can save your arts thus save more gold.

Buy both then, duh ^^
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