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I did not specify my BOW and he banned me

AuthorI did not specify my BOW and he banned me
Check the records. i said to ban me for 12 or 24 hours. Not 30 days. So how now?
[Player banned by moderator Kotrin until 2009-08-01 19:46:39 // Not the place for complaint. Here's a forum ban for you too - shorter, at least...]
By "he" i mean pang.
First you shouldnt ask for BAN when you dont want a BAN. Then, this is not a place for complaints about chat BANs. You should probably ask Pang nicely to lift the BAN or make it shorter. But it is up to him to decide, you know, he isnt your puppet for "BAN/unBAN me at will".
Ok.. thanks.. i think i would have better hope banging my head against the wall than ask him. I think i would just make another acct and train it from start.. havent decided
And they cant unban.. thats what gurumao said to me last time.. so we gotta contact artic or someone..
-_- ok you asked a BOW, then you asked for a year and changed your mind to 24 h.
pity i don't have the chat logs to prove,

but here's a couple PMs to substitute:

# Date: 2009-07-27 14:04:04
# From: gurumao
# To: elginlee2
# Subject: Re:

1: this was for the 360 day one.

"Here's the red banner you requestes for 8 levels of silence, not to be opened till lv 13"

2: and here's the one for 12 hour

"12 hours of sleep offers a better quality silence :p"

no but seriously, you should be careful with other mods, i'm probably the 2nd or 3rd nicest one around.

# Date: 2009-07-27 14:00:36
# From: elginlee2
# To: gurumao
# Subject:

what was the joke? pang spoilt the fun :(

also, i told you before that bans are not jokes, sure i do put fun messages, but that's just to get the point across.

and i'll repeat again - if you don't like any mod action, mail secretary.

also if you must know, i was writing the 1 year ban, when pang banned you... so feel happy about 1 month.
Why would you want to be banned?
its a chat ban only, nothing major
People, please refrain from commenting here. Next time, I'll use Banhammer.
closed by Lord Kotrin (2009-07-31 23:47:06)
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