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how can he do that

Authorhow can he do that
he have over 1 million gold and more resources...and when i saw his transfer log ....omg....how can he get so many light axes to sell??? how???
look at his LG: Laborers' guild: 6 (4913) +87

that's not crazy at all.

light axes, just buy it from the production and sell it in the market, a common way to earn a little bit money, nothing wrong
These are the sorts of things I have been advocating constitute abuse for months, but no admin will look into it. Hopefully someone listens. This game should be about community, not this sort of behavior:

Other examples:


no fair ....guess they login by phone or something and enroll every hour...
good for him he found a good business to makemoney,why are you mad at him he is just making some money that is all
ethereality is insane..
for LWM_Dante: That's human nature they cant se others earn money

The game can be about community and making a buck. They don't contradict.

I will agree with you though regarding items that are always sold out at the factory e.g. Rings of Inspiration. It is sad that prices get inflated at the market because there are no ring prices competing at the factory.

I have had a quick look through Zehir's transfer log. Although I ony had a quick scan he doesn't seem to be doing anything wrong. Personally I think he should be congratulated for perserverence, patience and clever play.

At Zehir's rate by level 8 he should have his own Battle Clan, be an expert Smith/Enchanter, own a chain of Thief Guild Invitation Franchises and own a chain of Leasing Franchises.

It seems to be hard work and clever decisions that have put Zehir where he is. I don't think he should be punished for success.

1. If you aren't related to the application directly - don't leave your messages in it's topic. Third-party comments are allowed only for providing additional facts about the affair, or for replacing the link to warlog with the more readable battlechat. Discussions, expressing personal opinions, etc. are penalized with at least 24 hour ban.

this should be moved to GGF, since there is nothing here against the rules and it is turning more into a debate
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