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rrrk888 and naveen29

Authorrrrk888 and naveen29

long term financial support from naveen29 to rrrk888, over 30% of his property
hello?! naveen 29 is my brother in real life and i think it is his wish wheather to send me money or not....it is none of ur buisness...
Brother or cousin?

Your profile says cousin, your post #2 says brother. and naveen29 is my cousin's account and i ocassionally play from his account when he allows me to do so .....mainly hunts and stuff...ocassionally duels and group battles...and also he helps me in money issues......[/quote

In any case it is likely that Wimp is drawing your attention to General Rule 1.5.1

Details of the General Rules can be found here https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5

You should probably look at General Rule 3.7 also, considering your profile statement.


Forgot to close the quotes properly after paragraph 2.

comon he is my brother and i think he has the right to send me money......it is his wish..
he can send you some money yes, but sending the enroll money every hour clearly points to financial support.

and transfers between same computer is best avoided.

and sending money is allowed only when it's <30% of the senders total.
ok i get it i am sorry...i wont repeat it i will ask him not to send me money any more...anyway...he can send me some money for emergency right?..i think this topic should be closed as i have apologised and promised it wont happen again

unsigned multi, financial support to main
06-22-09 16:47: Transferred 21866 Gold 2 Ore 1 Wood to rrrk888 :
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