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leasing TGI to Thain - conditions.

Authorleasing TGI to Thain - conditions.
RaYn rents out TGI to Thain on following terms:

Option for Thain - 3 weeks
- You have to return TGI as soon as you reach TG level 2
- You give me 2 TG arts as soon as You get it
- You pay me 3000 for each day after week 3 ended
- no prepayment!


You any case ARE NOT ALLOWED to:
- trade any TG items (TGI or TG arts) until our the end of our deal,

If You brake any of rule of the agreement or You don't give me back TGI after 4th week, You break rule 3.14 which means You must pay me 500.000 gold or Your account gets blocked.
Accepted and subscribed. Thanks ^^
thief invitation has been sent to Thain.

time (3 weeks) starts from the moment You take it to Your disposal (tommorow).

08-06-09 12:26: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to Thain . Transaction price: 1 Gold
closed by Lord RaYn (2009-08-06 17:46:49)
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