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Illegal multis - Conna / Skullkid1975

AuthorIllegal multis - Conna / Skullkid1975
Rules broken:

Undisclosed multi
Illegal financial support
transfers exceding 30% of worth

Player Conna is receiving financial support from Skullkid1975 (last 20 items in his transfer log below)

08-03-09 10:21: Transferred 112 Gold to conna : you look like u need the gold
08-03-09 10:20: Faction changed: Barbarian to Elf.
07-29-09 17:31: Transferred 162 Gold to conna : you needed gold so i send you all my gold
07-29-09 17:30: Faction changed: Elf to Barbarian.
07-03-09 11:32: Transferred 424 Gold to conna :
06-27-09 12:16: Transferred 917 Gold to conna : gift freind
06-16-09 19:41: Transferred 533 Gold to conna : gift freind
06-16-09 18:29: Faction changed: Knight to Elf.
06-14-09 18:57: Faction changed: Demon to Knight.
06-13-09 16:31: Faction changed: Elf to Demon.
06-13-09 14:07: Transferred 991 Gold to conna : gift freind
06-13-09 14:00: Transferred item(s): 'Hunter shirt' [10/10] to conna
05-25-09 13:10: Received 800 Gold from pazise :
05-24-09 15:40: Transferred 732 Gold to conna :
05-09-09 19:53: Transferred 123 Gold to conna :
05-09-09 18:13: Received 40 Gold from nameless_One : for hunt
05-09-09 18:02: Transferred 2 Gems to conna :
05-09-09 17:26: Received 2 Gems from yojy :
05-09-09 16:47: Transferred 200 Gold to conna :
05-07-09 19:38: Transferred 334 Gold 2 Mercury to conna :

Conna: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4514931
skullkid1975: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4555657
im only 10 i dont know the rules and i dont know how to get them up
Stopped for a while but now started up again

08-25-09 14:06: Transferred item(s): 'Hunter boots' [10/10] to conna
08-24-09 17:06: Transferred 106 Gold to conna : loan back
08-24-09 16:55: Transferred 249 Gold to conna : to save up for an clan
08-03-09 10:21: Transferred 112 Gold to conna : you look like u need the gold

Very strong suspicion this player may be Camera which together wth other multis was previouly blocked.
skullkid1975 recently updated his profile with this info:

i have 3 other accounts sorry administrator for braking rules my freind wonted me to save a profile for him




So he has now admitted that skullkid1975 is his multi (all these are undisclosed in his main profile).

He also admits that he has 4 accounts.
srry plzz can i keep
i would like to give a profile to the admin to apoligize anmd that one will be hajde plzz
If you want to make things right you should also workout how much illegal tranfers you have received (count arts as their market value in gold) and transfer this amount to player: Empire for ALL transfers within ALL your players.

As you can not afford to send all at once put a description something like:

xxx gold owed for illegal transfers - xxx outstanding

and concentrate on this until all is repaid.

You should also stop playing more than 3 characters and put in the top of your profiles of all your players:

xxxx is my main
xxxx, xxxx is my multi
xxxx, xxxx, etc is an illegal multi which I am no longer playing

Not being an admin I cant guess what there response will be but you can hope for just a fine and not having them all blocked.
i have put on my profile my accounts
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