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Q: Is it possible to redistribute primary parameters of the character?
A: Yes, by using the Potion of Oblivion. This potion can be purchased at the Shop. It discards one skill point which can be redistributed anew right away. Discarding the skill point is random and, hence, optionless. It means that the higher level your character gets, the more expensive the full discard will turn out to be.
Attention: The parameters granted to you by the Laborers' Guild and the Hunters' Guild become innate and cannot be discarded in any way.

should be updated to avoid confusion to newbies, although not that most read anyway
Magical potion with stupefying effect. The hero who drinks it will lose all his or her primary parameters and can learn new ones instead. During the first hour after application, side effects in the form of slowed reaction and freeze-up actions are observed.

Remember:The parameters you received from Hunters' and Laborers' Guilds cannot be discarded.
The side-effect is now canceled for the duration of talent wheel testing period. There is no penalty for using the Potion.
if they read the Potion of Oblivion decription in potions shop they should know

ah but its still outdated, and taken from the FAQ section of about the game, which all new players are supposed to read and understand before playing, so having inaccurate/outdated data there is quite bad in my opinion

It's taken from this section:

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