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Q: What are the system requirements of the game?
Comfortable playing requires: screen resolution not less than 1024*768; 800 MHz or greater processor frequency; Flash v7 or higher. You will find the latest version of Flash here. It is recommended to use Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer or similar as your browser.

Q: I have just started to play, what do I do first?
Check out the brief introduction, make sure you have learned the general game rules. You may try a hunt-combat on the map of the Empire. You may enroll to work at any facility and study the game world.

Q: How can I enroll to work at a facility?
To do that, it is necessary to find a suitable facility on the map and type the six-digit protection code into the codespace, then to click the "Enroll" button.

Q: Am I bound to be present in the same region after enrolling?
Nope, you may move around the map freely. Moreover, you may go offline and the job won't be lost.

Q: How do I fight?
To do that, open the Combats page, choose duels or group battles, create your combat challenge and wait till your challenge is accepted. Alternatively, you can accept any other player's challenge. It is also possible to attack neutral creatures (hunting), which you will regularly encounter on the map.

Q: How do I earn money in game?
By working at the production facilities. Keep in mind, that the wage differs depending on region;
  • receiving level up bonus;
  • trading resources - buy them at mining facilities and trade to the higher bids to machining or production;
  • trading resources and artifacts to other players;
  • engaging in hunting neutral monsters and receiving gold they were guarding.
    Please note that the economic model of the game is constantly progressing and it is obvious that there would evolve new ways of profiting.

    Q: How long does it take to get my troops ready?
    Full restoration takes no more than 15 minutes.

    Q: How fast is mana restored?
    Full restoration takes no more than 30 minutes.

    Q: In what way and how often do I change the faction?
    You can change the faction in your castle as often as once in 24 hours.

    Q: Is it possible to redistribute primary parameters of the character?
    Yes, by using the Potion of Oblivion. This potion can be purchased at the Shop. It discards all optional primary parameters learned through raising combat level and guild levels.
    Attention: The parameters granted to you by the Laborers' Guild and the Hunters' Guild become innate and cannot be discarded in any way.

    Q: Are there any function keys in combat?
    There are several combat function keys:
  • [Ctrl]+[Left click] - detailed information about troop stack;
  • [Shift]+[Drag mouse] - division of army during arrangement (arrangement is done on the troops bar);
  • [Shift]+[Left click] - Melee strike for shooters;
  • [W] - wait;
  • [D] - defend;
  • [C] - open magic book.

    Q: I have discovered a mistake in game. What should I do?
    Please leave a message on the forum, in the "Problems and errors (general)" branch. If this mistake contains something malefactors might use to take advantage or cause damage to the project, do please make the effort to send a message to the Secretary.
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