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TGI Leasing

AuthorTGI Leasing
For PoisonSpear
I, Player PoisonSpear, would like to rent the thief invitation (TGI) from MoxSapphire, the owner.

I understand that I must:
(1)never sublease, or transfer, or sell this TGI to others.

(2)return a new thief invitation to MoxSapphire within 4 weeks.

(3) Return in 1 week: Return TGI and two thief arts, Get one back by MoxSapphire's choice.
Return in 2 weeks: MoxSapphire keep both of the thief arts
More than 2 weeks: extra 1000/day for every day passed two weeks Maxium is 4 weeks.

(5) If I can not return a new TGI in 4 weeks (in total), I must pay MoxSapphire additional 400,000 gold as a fee to purchase MoxSapphire's TGI.

I have transferred 2000 gold as a refundable deposit for renting MoxSapphire's TGI. I understand that any dispute can be reported the adminstrator, who has the authority to charge a fine or block a player's ID.
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