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Newbie guide


AuthorNewbie guide
This guide is for all newbie or those still not understand the game or still lost to the game.
All positive input are welcome. Let us help everyone to grow and having fun with the game.
And also please correct me if I have say something wrong.

This is just some guide until reach level 8 or after become the thief.

Before you start doing anything, it is strongly recomment you read all the thing stated `about the game'.
You can find it at your character page there. At service section, last choice. Just above the `Logout' click.
You can understand the game rules better and wouldnt break the game rules. Breaking game rules will cause you some fine or even worst, getting block.

Dont forget the game names: Lords of War and Money. Earning money is as important as doing fight.

For level 1-2:

Major activity - hunting, enroll and tavern game (two tower game).

-Hunt appear fast. From 15 minutes (stay at 1 place) to 30 minutes (travelling around). Best time to build up hunter guild. Is strongly recomment doing hunt alone at this stage. You can get higher hunter guild point (0.5 point) compare to assist hunt (0.1 point). And you not need to wear art when doing the hunt. So is good time for you to save money.

-Enroll is important. With higher labour guild you can earn more cause enroll will pay more.

-This period also the best time to save some money for you to prepare become thief later.

-If you got free time, you also can player two tower game at tavern there. Different location will have different game rules.

-Do not spend money to buy art to use. Cause when you reach level 5, you need 5 ap to do any fighting. That time you need some money.

For level 3-4:

Major activity - still hunting, enroll and two tower games.

-Hunt appear from 40 minutes (stay at 1 place) to 60 minutes (travelling around). Best time to build up hunter guild also and is strongly recomment doing hunt alone at this stage. You can get higher hunter guild point (0.5 point) compare to assist hunt (0.1 point). And you not need to wear art when doing the hunt. So is good time for you to save money.

-The rest same as above.

-Not recomment to do Mercernaries' guild quest. It have been design for level 5 and above.

For level 5:

Major activity - hunting, enroll, two tower games and quest.

-Hunting, enroll and two tower game still be the same as above.

-And start from level 5 (5 ap for level 5) and above, you need to wear some art for you to do fighting.

-New activity for level 5 is you can start doing some quest. Got few kind of mercernaries' guild quest. Some you can do it easily and some is hard for you to do. Just decline the quest if you feel is hard to do.

For level 6-8:

Major activity - hunting, enroll, two tower games, quest and thiefing.

-Hunting, enroll, two tower game and quest is same as above.

-You cant do any fight if you didnt use art (need 6 ap for level 6 and 8 ap for level 7 and 8).

-If you have save money before and having around 100k cash with some art, this is the time for you start doing thiefing.
You can rent the thief guild invitation (TGI) from other player. Term and condition is apply. Different player got different term. You also can buy it from other player with cost around 300k to 400k. Or you can buy it using 80 diamonds. You need better art when you decided doing thief ambush. Without better art, it is hard for you to win the ambush.

Every guild give you some bonus when you level. You can check the guild bonus giving by have a look at `about the game'.

I hope this guild can give you some idea about what to do at different level. Thanks to have a look.
zgood guide. zbut i dun see pvp anywhere
Hunt appear fast. From 15 minutes (stay at 1 place) to 30 minutes (travelling around).

I didn't know that; I thought it was always random 15-20 minutes, regardless whether you travel or stay at one place?
that's because there's no point for PvPing like others
Nice guide but don't forget group battles...
If you doing only PvE you will destroying your hunts sooner or later (believe me, i know it).
In lower levels there are always some player who doesn't take it seriously that they are playing group battles for fun, and simply leaving others on the battlefield (afk) if they feels they will loose. But on higher levels that will not happen (or only sometimes).

So I think the best activity(/fun) is always to do group battles with others. Also this is the best way to earn XP and FSP.
Agree with #5
Whaat do you mean by destroying hunts?
for elginlee2:
Hunts will eventually get impossible as you do it.
for hiddenshadow and elginlee2:
Or even with assist, you also cant do it.
Hunt till at least level 4, then you can start GBs and PvP. The main idea is the get the easiest hunts out of the way before min AP. Soon enough you start needing arts anyways, at this point.
i believe you should hunt till level 5 as there are no ap charge, enroll alot and build up your gamblers guid this way gold wont be so much of a problem.
sorry, but gamblers guild only allows you to bet more at the 2 towers game.

and also a luck drink.

I don't think it got to do much with gold. Labour guild is the one affecting gold income.
yes but if u are very good at gamblers guild u can make heaps of gold from it.
u can bet thousans of gold, its better than staking it on roulette
Not that much dont forget 10% of what u win at gambler guild goes to empire while u always loose 100% if u loose card game. :|
card game is more about luck for good cards when u are at higher guild lvl,uits like roulette,but here u must play
i don't really like pvp battles i love to do hunting hunting is my expertie
and group battles i love them
agree that card games depend on luck. You get it or you don't. Skill helps like 30% of the time...
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