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Looking for TGI to rent from YOU on following terms :

AuthorLooking for TGI to rent from YOU on following terms :
Hi, I'll rent TGI from you on following terms,
they are fair to both sides :

*** Starting immediately ***
1. 2,000 per day - 3 weeks prepaid = 42,000
2. NO thief arts transferred.
3. 2,000 refund for each day TGI returned before 3rd week ands , starting third week.
* Refund for days in the last (third) week only, you keep the gold for 2 weeks anyway.
4. Max leasing period 4 weeks, NO refund if finished sooner on the fourth week.

Please leave HERE a reply if you are interested in leasing
your TGI for me.
I have got some PMs with requests to clear out my terms, here it is rephrased :

1) I pay you for 3 weeks in advance.
2,000 per day X 21 days = 42,000

2) If I return you the TGI on THIRD week (between days 14-21)
you refund me 2,000 gold for each unused day.

* If I finish before first 14 days - you keep 28,000 ANYWAY,
and refund me for third week only.

3) IF leasing is extended for 4th week ( days 21-28 )
there is NO refund for me for unused days in that week,
you keep all 56,000.

*** In any case NO thief arts transfered to you ***
I agree.
Agreed :)
Leasing days count starts from 14:00 11.08.09
closed by Lamorak (2009-08-11 17:54:42)
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