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3 x 12% Armor enchanting


Author3 x 12% Armor enchanting
These posts can make me ban ??
Enchante is magic modification to your artifacts
There are 3 kinds of enchanting
1. To weapon
2. To armor
3. To Jewely
Weapon enchanting is adding magical damage to your artifacts
Armor enchanting is adding magic shield to your armour
Sorry, about Jewel i can't tell you. Because i'm unclear about it.
jewel enchant gives spelpower more boost :)
We can wear 4 pieces of armor.
At this time i could add fire shield up to 46%
You may survive a serie of fireball.
i found some mistake in percentage of magic shield
fire shield can not be 46%
i didn't pay attention to formula so i did a big mistake
4 pices of armor give 40.03% magic Shield
if you plan your armor well
you can have all - elements magic protection in a good rate.
i hope someday you'll how good armor enchanting are.
better say up
Good morning
Good nite
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