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tgi contract

Authortgi contract
7000 gold prepaid and one thief art for the first week(of your choice).
For the second week its plus 7.000 gold (prepaid-every unused day brings you back 1.000).
After 2 weeks tgi fee is 2000 per day
Returned thief art must be full durability and not bought from the market.
You have
- to do 120 successful ambushes and he will return to me the invitation as soon as he reaches TG lvl 2. Any transfer of received TGI is forbidden .
-a total maximum of 4 weeks to reach TG Level 2, otherwise you break rule 3.14, which typically means your account gets blocked , or you must pay 500.000 gold to keep the tgi.
in order to place your name next in my list you must transfer to me 3000 which will be returned to you as soon you start tg
in case you change your mind the 3000 are mine
I accept the terms mentioned above.
closed by Lord last_one (2009-08-19 15:49:02)
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