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Extension of lease of TGI

AuthorExtension of lease of TGI
I, knightzdude, was supposed to return God5end's TGI by the 20/08/09, along with the two thief arts that I would have gotten at tg levels 1 and 2. However, due to stuff happening in real life, I was not able to return the TGI on time.

Hence, based on negotiations with God5end, my rental period will be extended. In addition to the agreed upon terms as stated above, the additional rental cost of God5end's TGI will be 1,000 gold per day, until I reach tg 2, and until the next month (20/09/09), whichever comes earlier. However, If I still fail to return the TGI to God5end by the extended dateline, any additional day will cost me 2,000 gold per day. All gold will be payable after I reach my thief guild level 2.

I acknowledge that if I fail to make any of the payments I have agreed with God5end, I would have broken game rules, and my account will be blocked.
Acknowledged. All the best.
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