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A week with a few problems, up to now it is becomenig boreing.

In my last hunt I had 5 server errors, I needed to refresh 2 time and even to exit the server pages and enter again. Fortunately I had a good pc and a good connection, but anyway I lost my fight. No matter.

All my clan mates are having similar problems, so don't tell me that I am insane. I only ask is it a local problem (maybe it is the italian net) or global?

Thanks. I should be glad if anyone could explain the reason.
Well I have very similar problems, like you have. I am in Czech republic now, so it is not just local problem.

I would tell, that there are some problems with server... So there must be some action from admins to fix the lags :(
Vonemar ... U R always complaining ... ^__^
is something w load a script when u r in battle screen, i have found a solution that work 4 me at least in hunt and MG.
you can have another ie open in map screen w your multi and when you see the message that ur not connect then change from map to character screen in ie w multi until you r on line again. that way your battle screen is operetional again without refresh and loosing turns. i hope that solve the problem.
Vonemar ... U R always complaining ... ^__^

I'm not a complainer, I'm a ball breaker ;-)

for Cocoon:

I will try, thanks. Anyway lag was something we left behind since the last changing of server. I wonder what's happening.
Yeah, the whole server was down for half a minute or so.
Normally. Some update on .ru;)
lag again :((
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