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TGI Leasing good conditions


AuthorTGI Leasing good conditions
TGI leasing service:

Leasing Conditions:

- You must have good artifacts or enough gold to reach Tieves' Guild Lvl 2 and to return my TGI back to me.
- You have to reach Tieves' Guild Lvl 2 within 30 days, otherwise Your hero will be blocked and i will lose my TGI.
- You have to play actively and try to reach Tieves' Guild Lvl 2 as soon as possible.(max. 30 days!!!)
- I will proof Your Transfer/Combat/Game Logs to make sure that You are an active player and to proof Your fairplay.

- You have to send me both Thief Arts You receive!
- 0 - 14 days for reaching TG Lvl 2: I will keep only one Thief Art of my choice. You get the other Thief Art back.
- 14 - 21 days for reaching TG Lvl 2: I will keep both Thief Arts.
- more than 21 days: You pay additional 3000 gold for each following day.

First of all You have to write me a private message and to ask me for this service. If everything is alright You will recive the TGI and You start Your payment from the date of TGI transfer.
TGI is now available !!!
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