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Discussion - Justice Keeper


AuthorDiscussion - Justice Keeper
Feel free to discuss anything related to the (hopefully implemented) community police of LWM.
I hope it reduces the numbers of cheaters!
well, no more petition but we can still ask of this 'empire' to appoint the 'royal police?' to help control cheating.
Yeah a royal Police or something like that is necessary. Or the rules must be deleted and we play in total anarchy.
Or the rules must be deleted and we play in total anarchy.

indeed!! at least we would have coherence!!!
I dont approve of cheaters, but i dont see why everyone hates them so much.
You play this game for fun im guessing, so does it matter that much if someone has a huge stock of illegally gotten gold or has leveled that bit faster as they have a friend to always win against. I pitty these people as they cant get as much fun or satisfaction out of the game by just fighting one person in an already decided battle. I would find that boring. About other characters money not a huge problem for me. I use cheep arts for all non pvp's and enrole as often as i can i find that my money stays relatively level. (Usually going up gradually =)
also, i think some rules are a bit, useless, why cantsend money to other chars or let win? we play this 4 fun, anybody loses nothing with that.. (agree with 6 )
Sure cheaters dont affect your game most of the time. But its realy annoying as an law abiding citizen of this Kingdom to see all this cheaters ignore the rules and get away with that.
So there are only two ways.
1. Guard the rules and punish cheaters for cheating or
2. the Kingdom may Fall and all can cheat like stupid and there are no limits anymore.

1. requires people that hunt cheaters and as it seems they have a lot to do here...
2. will wreck the game, because it was not supposed to be played that way. It will still be playable, but the balance will be destroyed and hard work doesn t pay off...and maybe the gametitle should be changed to "Lords of Cheating and Betraying"

"Only a Sith knows only extremes :P", so i vote for option 3:

There are ways in between aswell. Having 4 chars instead of allowed 3 does not destroy the whole game, for example :P
Well if when you bought something in your castle it would "count" if you changed faction this would mean they could happily empose a ban on people with more than one accout, just block accounts from the same ip adress.the racial skill difference would suffice so you couldnt just switch and become a completely different faction without hard work.
(I know there are problems with this idea like unique buildings that only one faction may have but they could all be resolved)

I think that everyone should play by the rules and someone should be appointed to get rid of cheaters but in the meanwhile we should be not tolerant but less obsessed with people who break the rules.
I dont approve of cheaters, but i dont see why everyone hates them so much.

Every online game is after all composed of stupid kids, who dont understand the concept of rules and the nerdy 30 year old guys who just dont have anything else to do and use their college wisdom to cheat in a big scale. I am somewhere between, nerdy but not so old.. :-)
And the fact is that the mature nerds are unhappy about the other nerds that cheat. They find it unfair. I was an unhappy nerd. After months of silence from the justice hammer, I learned to ignore the voice telling me: "phew, cheater, what an unfair bastard."
There are some of them they are called "keepers"
I dont approve of cheaters, but i dont see why everyone hates them so much.
You play this game for fun im guessing, so does it matter that much if someone has a huge stock of illegally gotten gold or has leveled that bit faster as they have a friend to always win against.

The answer is: exactly because I play to have some fun! It is called sportmanship, did you know the meaning of this word?

Would you like to play poker with me? I use to take 7 cards but you will have 5! Even if we don't play with money (and there are people who spend money on lords), how many time will you enjoy the match?

If there is a palce where you don't need to cheat is on a free game! There is a big real world out there, full of cheaters. I please every cheater to join them and to leave this game!
@ I_own_you_all

There are truely ways in between. Having 4 instead of 3 Chars doesn t really make a difference and is no cheating at all. But if a player uses them for transfering money or arts to his/her main account is cheating. Most of this Players don t even try to cover there transfers, so the law breaking is very obvious. This stupidness should not be rewarded.

But what we have now? A way in between or just a beginning anarchy due to empires lack of power to defend the rules?
It could be solved if the community really wanted to solve it. If all clans purged their rolls of cheaters, it would leave them on the outside. You could have an off game forum for just clan leaders to push these players out in the cold. The smiths and enchanters could also refuse to do business with them. Yes the cheaters would have their own smiths who also cheat but if this game advances and battle clans start, the cheaters would not be able to participate. It would be like a leaper colony. They would still be here but the loss of fun for them would be great. I am sure there are many ideas on how to penalize these people but getting enough clan leaders together who want to help may be hard. Most clans police themselves but we know some dont care if they have cheaters in their ranks. Enchants are super expensive and it stinks to face a cheater who has them while you may not be able to afford them. We could do a lot to hurt the cheaters if there was enough driven people. I have quit other games because of cheating and if the game is to survive and grow it has to be solved. There is no excuse for admin to leave this mess for us to handle while having no tools to do it. Oh, but they did come down on clan bumping, a really important aspect of the game! Yeah right.
There is no excuse for admin to leave this mess for us to handle while having no tools to do it.

Right, excluding them from community is not really a tool able to hurt them. What clan would kick high level enchanter or smith, just because he has some suspicious transfers? What enchanter would refuse to make a good deal with a cheater?(cheaters offer great deal with unlimited stash of gold)

If we kick them out of our clan(what we did I believe), they will make their own clan. Right now, clan is useless. Cheater can enter market, buy and sell, cheater can enter any combat, cheater can use chat, forum, cheater can use enchanted arts, offer enchanter or smith services.

Right now, cheater can use every feature of this game. And he can do it without any effort. Cheater owns the server, cheater can buy anything.

Even if we all refuse to maintain contact with cheaters, they can still buy enchanted weapons at market freely, they can fight and stage up their thieves guild with multis.

We need a block button.
OMG, i hoped not having to explain why this is just not good, in no way!

You want a surveillance society?! You want someone like Vonemar, nothing against him, to see your underwear (just a metaphor)? You want this game to end up like a Third Reich/Empire?! You want a secret police agent to see your toothpaste and he doesn't like its smell? You will get kicked out!! And now imagine this Third Reich is all that exists, there is only BIG BIG ocean out there (this is the game/block) and you get nothing, you just died, and can't even write/call/shout back: "I didn't do anything", although the answer would be: "All people say that, its better to have you dead, even if there is a slight chance of non-guilt!"
Now ... you are dead because of toothpaste, you want THAT?! There were some examples of false penalties in the past and there will always be.
If Omega22 for example had this block button i am very sure due to his utterances there would be many, but very fast, blocks and this game ends up with 10 players that had to block themselves because they fight eachother again and again. This would be funny, but not what we all here want, right?!
Better a GAME, with cheaters, than a "game" with angels but noone to compete!
I think there are a *lot* more than just 10 honest players on this server.

The problem is that if the cheating is tolerated, why would anyone buy diamonds for extra gold when they could just create a half-dozen multis and syphon the money to their main character?

And in the long run, no diamonds = no game.

My preference would be for everyone to just stop cheating. Especially since another obvious option is to make it a tiered game, where if you donate you receive a "premium" account which would be almost unbeatable except by other premium accounts (*many* games online have this as their business model). Would you prefer that?

I like the game the way it is. I just wish their was more action by the administration on this matter. I'm hoping that eventually this server will have enough population and generate enough revenue for the game designers that we receive our own dedicated Admin team. Then perhaps the legions of cheaters will be culled.

'Til then it seems we must wait, while the cheaters grow bolder every day, because they think no-one will stop them. I look forward to the day when the Admins prove them wrong.


Hey cheaters, eventually you will be blocked and all your time wasted. The above link is to one of the worst offenders,Kushika5. That character and a ton of multis are now out of the game. What a stupid waste of time for that player. In the mean time, the cheaters still throw off the balance of the game and create a false market. I can think of some ways they could really hurt things. If you are a cheat and wish to come clean to avoid being blocked, do so now and I doubt your main will be blocked but your alts probably will be. Wait until admin gets around to you and you will be finished totally. Take your medicine and own up to your cheating and above all, stop doing it.
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