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This is a forum test


AuthorThis is a forum test
This is a forum test
[Player banned by moderator Empire until 2010-12-23 10:46:31 // Test proved successful. Flood in OGF.]
This is a forum test to see that if I only type in between the two words saying "quote" all my worlds will come out in quote style, even though nobody has said it before
Test complete, Hypothesis correct.
Gell rocks so much it's funny

wow, who said that?



I've always wanted to test this theory!
why didn't you say anything takesister?

Who said that?
how do you do that
"quote" do what "quote"

Basically, just quote nothing.
for Anyone:
yay thanks 300 gold:P lol
is it like this? :)
If you try to read what i say at the beginning of the thread you will see...but it is hard to understand...because I want it to be a puzzle!

Thanks, random person who says stuff
it's so simple to do it actually.
Don't let on though, it;s fun to watch them think

Yes, I think your quite right random voice!

maybe I made it a bit easy though...
Don't let on though, it;s fun to watch them think
most people already knew bout this
"quote" Just a little bit... "quote"
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