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[Repair] 70% repair for 70% cost -- Fast Smith by Fromklin.

Author[Repair] 70% repair for 70% cost -- Fast Smith by Fromklin.
- I repair 70% for only 70% of repair cost (60% for #248 clanmates).
- Express service: 80% repair cost (70% for #248 clanmates).
Send pm for express service please!, and write it on description.

Send your money and art (0/x durability) to me, fromklin, following this instruction:

1) In your inventory, click on the name of your artifact to see its description page and find the original repairing cost at the bottom of the page.
2) Calculate the repairing cost as (70% * original repairing cost), then transfer the gold to fromklin, and note as "70% repair cost for xxxx"
3) In your inventory, click the "transfer" link of this artifact under the name of your artifact, and in the "Item transaction" page fill in the form as follows:
- Enter character name: fromklin
- Golds: 1 (Only 1 gold here, it's what I need to pay you)
- Transfer with recall in: 0.01 days, 0 combats and "Allow repairing".

I will return it once it get repaired, but if i'm offline, you can withdraw it after it's repaired.
Smith is available.
Smith is available
Still available...
No item on queue now...
No item on queue now...
Smith is available, fast service right now!
Send your item now and get it repaired intantly (you know, one hour per 4000 repair cost :D).
Smith is busy all this night, thanks!.
Smith's available again
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