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Bewitched - You next door enchanted shop !

AuthorBewitched - You next door enchanted shop !
Tired of the same old weapons again and again ... losses are becoming common ..... heard a lot about various enchantment bonuses or wanting to start out as a thief !

Well ladies and lords of the empire,i present you with bewitched arts across the width of the whole empire ..... with door to door service and and a wide variety to keep you happy .

Items for rent --->>>

Didn't get enough damage even after equipping the best weapon you could get , or maybe enemy defenses to tough to break through . then weapon enchantment is the thing for you !

Had enough of your troops perishing even before half the battle was over, Wiz blasting through your ranks , need to reduce the defense of that big guy charging towards you .

Then my friend there is only one solution-
Bewitched.....your one stop shop for powerful artifacts :

For Rent:

Platemail (D5A5) :450 gold/battle [Decrease attack:5%,Air magic shield:10%]
Thief armor(D4A4):400 gold/battle [Decrease Attack:4%,Air magic shield:8%]
Thief armor(E6A6):400 gold/battle [Earth magic shield:12%,Air magic shield:12%]
Thief Boots(E6A6):400 gold/battle [Earth magic shield:12%,Air magic shield:12%]
Sword of Might(E5F5):450 gold/battle [Extra Damage with earth magic:5%,Extra damage with fire magic:5%]
Thief Boots(E1):250 gold/battle [Earth Magic shield:2%]
Thief Dagger(E6):300 Gold/battle [Extra damage with earth magic:6%]
Dagger of vengeance [E4A4]:150 Gold/Battle [Extra damage with earth magic:4%,Extra damage with air magic:4%]
Longbow (E4A4):250 gold/battle [Extra damage with air magic:4%,Extra damage with earth magic:4%]
Thief Crossbow (E6):300 gold/battle [Extra damage with earth magic:6%]

p.s. Please refrain from posting your stunning* comments here ^_^ .

While making an order, specify which item you would require and for how many combats .
No need to send the booty, the cost will be payed autmatically when the item gets to you .
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