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#152 Court of Equity, enchanting services: Jewelcrafting

Author#152 Court of Equity, enchanting services: Jewelcrafting
Greetings, we are glad to inform you that a new Smiths and Enchanters service by #152 Court of Equity is now open: Jewelcrafting.
Current power of enchantment is - 2*8% (improving spell efficiency of 2 different magic sources, by up to 8% each).

Terms of usage:
You order the desired enchantment via PM to cepruyc (https://www.lordswm.com/sms-create.php?mailto=cepruyc&subject=Jewelcrafting) and provide the elements needed for the work. After work is done, you get an enchanted artifact with our brand on it. This brand allows you to get the artifact repaired by Brilliant (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4309216) for only 100% repair cost.
A limited special offer is also available - the first 8 artifacts enchanted and branded in our blacksmith will be repaired for 95% repair cost.

For #152 Court of Equity members:
Repairing branded artifact for 90% repair cost only.

Please transfer your artifact in this way:
1 gold; Transfer with recall in [0.01] days; [0] combats; Allow repairing.
Keep in mind that time needed for enchant = 1 hour * [power of enchant]
Then transfer the required elements to cepruyc.
You'll get your newly enchanted jewelry when work is done.
The discounted rate for repair is valid for the entire lifespan of the jewel artifacts; meaning repair rate is fixed to the specific artifact.
You always pay the same price for repair.
Huge saving in repair cost in future.
All the Spikes can do is just tickle your foes' heels? Your Poison is potent, but why not make it deadlier?
Add the 'Terram' enchant to your jewelry!

Just one Meteorite Shard and one Tiger's Claw for every +2% spell damage bonus to your Earth magic.
Our special offer is still available, hurry up!
For those who prefer to get cash back for every element provided - we offer 1000 gold paid back for every +2% enchant ordered.
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