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>>> Leasing Master Hunter Set, Only 3000!

Author>>> Leasing Master Hunter Set, Only 3000!
Full Set of Master Hunter Artifacts

MH Bone Helmet: +2% initiative
MH Amulet: +1 Luck +1 Atk
MH Armor: +1 Def +2% init
MH Bow: +1 shooting range
MH Maskrobe: Reduces ranged damage taken by 10%
MH Saber: +2 Atk, Increases melee damage by 10%
MH Cutlass: +3 Atk, +1% init
MH Arrows: Gives 2 additional shots to all shooters in hero's army.
MH Shield: +2 Def, +1% init
MH Dagger: +2 Atk
MH Jackboots: +2 Def
MH Ring of Flight: Increases the initiative of flying creatures in hero's army by 6%

Gives additional Feature when used in 1 set
+30% damage to neutral creatures
+5% initiative
+1 to minimum and maximum damage of all stacks

All of that for only 3000 / fight
If u plan to rent for >5 battles, I can give u discount ;p

PM me to discuss ^^
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