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renting TGI to Twilighter

Authorrenting TGI to Twilighter
Terms of Agreement:

1.25000 gold prepaid
2.If Twilighter returns TGI under 10 days, leftover deposit will be returned (2500 gold per day ).
3.After day 10 , Twilighter pays 2500 gold per day to CaligulaX until TGI is returned. Partial days count as whole days.
4.Cannot transfer, sell, rent and sublease this TGI to others.
5.TGI must be returned in 1 month. If TGI doesn't return in 1 month, Twilighter has to pay me 400000 gold or accepts to be blocked.
I Agree
10-03-09 09:23: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to Twilighter
10-03-09 09:22: Received 25000 Gold from Twilighter : TGI Rent
closed by CaligulaX (2009-10-03 22:49:58)
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