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TGI for Rent/Lease

AuthorTGI for Rent/Lease
Leasing TGI with really good terms. Please have a set of full arts to show me.

Options to Choose From:

Option One (2 weeks) - 1 thief art only
1. Return TGI within 2 weeks and you only have to send me the one thief art you received when reaching thief guild 1.
2. Prepay 20,000 gold deposit.
3. If completed within 2 weeks, a full refund of the deposit will be returned.
4. If unable to complete in 2 weeks, automatically switches to option Two where 2 thief arts will be required.

Option Two (4 weeks) - 2 thief arts
1. Return TGI within 4 weeks and send me your first 2 thief arts as soon as you get them from the Thief Guild.
2. Prepay 25,000 gold deposit.
3. If completed within 4 weeks, a full refund of the deposit will be returned.

Option Three - Gold Only
1. 2000 Gold will be charged per day for the first 2 weeks.
2. Return TGI within 4 weeks.
3. Prepay 24,000 gold deposit.
4. If completed early leftover deposit will be returned.
5. 2,500 a day after 2 weeks.

1. Minimum combat level is 6. Level 8+ preferred.
2. Follow the rules of the game with no suspicious transfers and no interaction with multis.
3. Cannot rent, buy, sell, or transfer TGI or thief arts during the time period of the lease.
4. If you take more than 1 month in returning TGI, you will be fined 400,000 gold to keep the TGI and/or your character blocked.

Options may be negotiable. Send me a pm if you agree with the terms above.
Successfully completed so far:

08-28-09 00:42: Received item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] from ShadowReaper . Transaction price: 1 Gold

09-18-09 17:46: Received item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] from angela88 . Transaction price: 1 Gold

10-04-09 04:24: Received item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] from passo
10-06-09 23:11: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to volkl . Transaction price: 24000 Gold

Option Three
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