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Tgi for Rent

AuthorTgi for Rent
TGI for Rent

My TGI is available for rent to active lords seeking notoriety and infamy in the dark arts of ambushing. Neutrals, Monsters and Caravans need not apply.


Option 1

Both thief arts you earned from attaining thief guild level 1 and level 2 will be sent to me. Thief arts must immediately be sent once you attained a level in thief's guild. TGI must immediately be sent upon reaching thief guild level 2.

If TGI is returned within 2 weeks. I keep a thief art of my choice and return you the other.

IF TGI is returned after 2 weeks, I will keep both thief arts.

No prepayment needed.

Option 2

You will rent my TGI for 2,500 gold/day for first 2 weeks, 3,000 gold/day for the 3rd week and 4,000 gold/day for the
4th week. A deposit of 35,000 gold will be collected upfront, for which any unused gold be sent back to you.


Your success is of utmost importance. I will gladly lease arts to you at low prices if you decide to lease my TGI.

You can also pm me to negotiate for a different TGI rental plan. Please note that unrepentant lords with illegal transfers need not apply, as they have committed treason against our Empire.

All TGIs must be returned within 4 weeks (1 month), with our agreed upon conditions fully met. If you fail to do so, you either pay me 400,000 gold plus the option payment, and keep the TGI OR violate rule 3.14 and get your account permanently blocked.
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